Nike ID

With more and more customers coming through mobile channels, the Nike ID website’s latest iteration needed a fresh user experience design that reflected the capabilities and journeys suited to touch screens. A spacious layout that cuts out all distractions and allows people to experiment with their own ideas in a clean environment is crucial to allow true creativity.

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Videoscribe Anywhere

Create your own whiteboard-scribing videos with the VideoScribe Anywhere iPad app. We developed a fast and simplified version of the popular desktop software to expand the VideoScribe audience and allow portable creativity with scribing available anywhere.

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Wizards vs Aliens

The BBC intended to launch a web game alongside their new series of Wizards vs Aliens to offer further narrative to the world. Exploring the characters further and offering children choices with how to approach puzzles and different characters to utilise were the primary approach to creating an experience to help promote and enhance the series.

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Bar Voyage

Pick your start and end points for Bar Voyage to create a bar crawl for you! This app was redesigned for CookiesHQ after they approached us with the intention of giving it more character and identity. Our redesigned version has not launched yet, but you can still view the original concept below.

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